Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

Our shipping and handling fees are already included in your purchase price. Our policy is intentionally easy for our customers. We ship 6 days / week via FedEx to any where in the continental US. We ship on the same day we verify your payment. 

We require a signature on your end for receipt of artwork, so that we may guarantee your secure receipt.


Often the best practice is to call me at 772.579.0605 when you select a piece so I can oversee the shipment myself. Let's discuss getting it into your hands as quickly and securely as possible.  Thank you, Patty

Return & Exchange Policy

Our return and exchange policy is equally easy. You may return artwork to me that does not meet your satisfaction.


I request that you please return-ship it to me via FedEx in the same shipping container and cushioned wrap as you received it.

Upon shipping, please require a signature of receipt on my end, to confirm your secure return to me.

Again, please call me at 772.579.0605 if you have any question. Thank you, Patty