Commission Work

There's no greater gift than a custom painting of a child, home, boat or pet. I work from photos & I guarantee my work until you're 100% happy. Lets talk about creating a special & surprisingly affordable keepsake just for you.  

Five To The Future -

An oil on canvas portrait created from multiple photographs. 26"w X 14"h before framing.

Let's create a similar one for you for only...  



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The Pelagos Crew - 

A commissioned oil on canvas, 20"w X 28"H,  created from a ten year old favorite photo of father and son on their boat.

I'd be happy to paint a similar keepsake for you  for only...


 Taylor and Chelsea - 

An oil on canvas, created from a photo taken years earlier, this sweet memory was painted for their dad. 

26"w X 32"h. Can I create a similar portrait for you for only...



Sara's Senior Portrait - 

Painted for her father, this one is  an oil on 20"w X 24"h canvas painted from Sara's senior High School photo.

I can paint one for you for only...


Miss Daisey - 

A 12"w X 16"h watercolor painted  from a photo and Daisey approved.

Let's plan one of your beloved, furry family member for only...


Olivia's Girls - 

An oil on canvas, 22"w X 16"h that was painted from a Christmas photo with all four girls dressed in heavy winter coats and boots in an Atlanta park. I can create one similar for you for only...



Jack - 

A cherished Beagle, passed on to doggie heaven many years earlier, was painted as a holiday gift using several photos. Jack is a 24"w X 16"h oil on canvas.

I can paint this kind of lasting memory for you for only... 



Bobbie, George and Little Bear - 

An oil on 26"w X 30"h unframed canvas, painted  from a very different photo of a beloved grandson with his friends.  I love those toes! May I create something very similar for you for only... 



On Castine Bay - 

This is an oil of a beloved boat on the coast of Maine, commissioned as  a gift for a  man difficult to buy for. This was painted from several photos to get the details just right & keep it a secret until finished.  It is 24"w X 30"h oil on canvas & upon seeing it, he said, "That's my boat." 

May I paint your boat for you for  only...



Custom work is much easier to do from a distance than one might think. It is always surprisingly affordable too. Call me and let's talk about a special piece for you 772.579.0605